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What Have We Been Playing?

by | published Thursday, March 4, 2021

We’re back with another batch of DWP writers, sharing a few words of their gaming experiences over the previous week! So join the dark side, and keep on reading…


Had a couple chances to play some games with my bubble over the last few days. We lost at Dark Side Rising, and then the Empire lost in Risk: Star Wars Edition. Today the four of us revisited a game that is a childhood favourite for a couple of us: Crokinole. I’m very rusty at it. But I came back with a surprise, two gold victory at Jamaica.

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I’ve been trying to get back into Gloomhaven through the Steam app, but I’m finding it a struggle to keep going with it. The app is still in early access and does not have everything that is in the game. My attempts at multiplayer have led to crashes and glitches so I’ve been trying to solo it. And I think that is the problem. Playing Gloomhaven solo online just makes me miss playing it in person with my group. I am hopeful that the multiplayer experience will go smoother in future attempts, but I am also looking forward to returning to in-person Gloomhaven as soon as possible.

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I played a tense game of Fossilis for an upcoming Little Big Thumbs video review. The setup of this game still makes me happy deep in my heart – it’s just really fun to get ready to play, before the fun of the actual game even begins! And the digging up bones with little tweezers is such an enjoyable experience. If you have the chance to play this one, don’t miss out!

Thank you for joining us for another week of itty bitty play reports. For more lists of loveable games, check out Milo M’s Five Games That Will Never Leave My Collection!


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