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Survey Results #7: Going digital – apps, technology & social media

by | published Monday, April 4, 2016

In this last week of looking at our survey results, we look at what seems to be trending in tabletop gaming – apps, technology and social media. With more and more board game apps being released (as well as support apps), we were curious what people are using and how much they use them. (If you’re wondering where you can find board game apps, friend of the Daily Worker Placement, Suzanne, has an ongoing list here which is really comprehensive!) Then we head to the wilds of the internet to find out where people are making their communities online and what they’re sharing. Onward, to the digital! Thanks for being here for the survey results, we hope you’ve enjoyed each week’s breakdown of information. (Looking for previous results? Week 1: Who We Are, Week 2: Who We Play With, Week 3: Buying, Storing & Playing Games, Week 4: Game Collections, Teaching & Learning, Week 5: The Games We Play, Week 6: Gaming events, game cafes, BGG)



Here is a written breakdown of the infographic above.


Do you use any kind of app related to board gaming?

Yes 70.3%

No 29.7%

What kind of apps do you use?

Support apps (scoring apps, logging plays etc) 73.3%

Game support apps (apps that are essential for gameplay) 42%

Board game ports to Android, iOS & Windows devices 73.8%

Other 2.9%

If you play board game apps, how do you usually play?

Against an AI 90.6%

Pass and play 23.5%

Multiplayer online 26.9%

How much time in a week do you spend board gaming via apps?

Up to an hour 43.4%

1-2 hours 28.1%

3-5 hours 19.2%

6-10 hours 5.4%

10-15 hours 1.8%

15+ hours 2%

What is your primary platform for using apps?

iOS 52.2%

Android 42.4%

Windows 5.4%


Social Media

Do you use social media for board game-related reasons?

Yes 72.6%

No  27.4%

Which social media platforms do you use for discussing/sharing board game related content?

Facebook 86.70%

Twitter 37.60%

YouTube 37.10%

Reddit 21.10%

Instagram 18.80%

Other 6.30% (Included: Pinterest, Twitch, Meetup, Tumblr, Google+, Snapchat, Chit Chat, Google Hangouts, Something Awful forums and blogs.)

Periscope 3.60%

Do you share from your personal account, or do you have a specific account for board game-related stuff?

Share from personal 80%

Specific account 6.8%

Both 13.2%

What types of things do you chat about/share?

Discussing games you’ve played 72.70%

Sharing photos of games 58.50%

Asking for game recommendations 43.70%

Sharing photos of game events 42.60%

Organizing game groups/meetups 41.40%

Sharing Kickstarter projects 38.80%

Industry news 35.50%

Discussing game design 32.30%

Promoting your work 13.60%

Other 3.90% – includes connecting with other players, publishers & designers, assisting with and asking for rules clarifications, finding out about events, videos, interact with YouTube (etc) personalities, contests, retailer sales alerts, just for subscribing to feeds/channels, discussion of the hobby in general.

About 12% of the respondents who answered they use social media only use it for a solo purpose – the rest of us diversify and use social for at least 2 of the above, usually many more!



  • Nicole H.

    Nicole had played a lot of backgammon, Life and Monopoly when younger. She started playing hobby games in University after trying out D&D 3rd edition, and then joining her University game club. After a while she gravitated towards board games as a casual gamer. After moving to Toronto in 2009 she started gaming more and met her (former) partner Adam through the hobby and hasn't turned back. It's hard for her to pick a favourite game, but if you really stared her down she might pick Castles of Burgundy. When not gaming, Nicole enjoys cooking/baking, reading comics, watching tv/movies and visiting museums! And cuddling every dog she can.

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