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Monday, May 20, 2024

Table Talk Episode 5: A Chat About Travel

by | published Tuesday, January 10, 2023

When you go on vacation, how do you take your game collection? Obviously, you need to take them, you’ll need to play them. But what about all those boxes and bits? What games are good for various situations? Don’t worry, Taylor and Alice have you covered.

Listen to their delightful discussion here. Enjoy!

Surrealist Dinner Party

Paint the Roses

Exit: The Advent Calendar

The Initiative


Azul: Queen’s Garden

Art Robbery


Mint Rails

Travel Carcassonne

Travel Catan

Square Meal




Point Salad

Sea Salt and Paper


Pass and play apps for specific games you like



Codex Naturalis

Just One



I Guess This is It

Fuji Flush

Tricky Tides




Folk games mentioned:

I’m going for a picnic on the moon…

TCP (Taboo, Charades, Password)

Picture Telephone

Card Games That Don’t Suck


  • Alice C

    Alice Connor has been playing board games since she could walk, and wondering about why they're so compelling since the day after that. She wrote a book called _How to Human: An Incomplete Manual for Living in a Messed-Up World_. Alice is also a certified enneagram teacher and a stellar pie-maker. She lives for challenging conversations and has a high tolerance for awkwardness. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two kids, a dog, and no cats.

  • Taylor G.

    Taylor learned to love board games when she was a wee youngster. Logic puzzles and strategy games make her feel all the good feels, so she just keeps playing! You won’t find Taylor out and about without at least one game in tow (ask her about her love for big games that come in pocket sizes!). She spends a fair amount of time on 8 wheels rolling in her skates at the park, while also finding spare moments for reading, sewing, knitting, cooking, and staring at her plants. Taylor lives in Cincinnati with her loving partner.

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