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What Have We Been Playing?

by | published Thursday, March 25, 2021

Welcome to What Have We Been Playing, where the DWP writing crew offers a few glimpses of the games that have been on our tables (and screens!) over the past week!


Last night, I played my third session of Sleeping Gods and it’s been so fun, adventurous and exciting. I can’t wait to try another whole round of sailing as we are nearing the end of the “campaign” and have barely touched the map with all it’s nooks and crannies.


Recently I had two unique experiences. I played games in-person, with a human, aaaaand we played a game we enjoyed so much, we pretty much set it up and played again immediately. Rise of Tribes is a game I had heard of, but really knew nothing about. We were both learning the rules, but they are super clean and easy to figure out. In the game, you try and lift your tribe up while crushing the competition. You roll two dice and then us them to either grow your tribe, move around the board, gather resources, or claim goal cards. It was such a fun experience with lots of paths to victory and a fast play time. I will definitely be writing a full review of this title soon.

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We played some Cartographers with family over Zoom- we all like it, we each have a copy, and it’s extremely zoom-friendly. One critical piece of the game as we play it: getting weird with the monster drawings.

May be an image of 1 person and map


Played quite a few face to face games with my bubble this weekend. Azuls, both Sintra & Summer Pavilion. I introduced my wife to Karuba, but she didn’t really like it. Played a round of Flapjack Flipout, which was a frantic fiesta of frenetic flippery. Played a round of Menara which we totally dominated, coming in a full two storeys taller than we needed for the win. And of course, many games on board game arena. Saturday was my monthly Vampire the Masquerade game over Discord. Our gang from Toronto has been smuggled into NYC as part of a Camarilla war effort to oust the Sabbat from the city that never sleeps.

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And that wraps up this week’s entry for What Have We Been Playing! Thank you for reading along. If you’re hungry for another game list, check out Steve T’s article on Licensed Games!


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