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WHAT HAVE WE BEEN PLAYING? November 19th, 2020

by | published Thursday, November 19, 2020

Buckle up your seat belts, because we’re about to take another ride on the DWP express, where the corners are sharp, the steering wheel changes hands every paragraph! Yes indeed, it’s time for another rundown of play reports from our amazing team of authors. 

Let’s get right down to business…


I’m a few turns into my first play of Viscounts of the West Kingdom right now. It has been a pretty full week, with some Downforce on Board Game Arena, some new and old RPG campaigns (Cyberpunk Red and Star Wars: Force and Destiny), but wow am I so excited for Viscounts, even a few turns in. I am always excited for the new games in this series and cannot wait to finish this game! Speaking of that, I think it is my turn now!


My backing of Kickstarter campaigns has slowed dramatically in 2020, as I aim to steer my gaming dollars towards my local game shops that are struggling to stay afloat at this challenging time. However, there’s no denying the thrill of having a new game arrive after a year of waiting and monthly updates, which is what I felt when Ducks in Tow arrived last week! This new game from First Fish Games is all about feeding ducks, getting them to follow you to your favourite park locations, and occasionally adopting your favourite ones. Although this all sounds delightfully light, it’s quite a thinky game, as all scoring comes from a card-based pattern building element. It’s a really enjoyable experience, and the duck meeples are about as perfect as a wooden component can be!


Next game on the Keep Mom Mentally Stimulated List has been Point Salad. It’s *just* in the sweet spot where there aren’t too many rules to keep track of but there’s enough strategy to keep us both engaged. The bold graphic design and large print don’t hurt either! I won the first game handily because she only took a couple of scoring cards but in the second game I gave her some pointers and she squeezed out a win!


One final addition that I must absolutely point out from my previous week of game plays is The Kringle Caper. It’s an 18-card escape room-style puzzle game with a Christmas mystery driving the story. Quite possibly, this is the best holiday-themed game I have ever played. I felt myself swept up with a child-like spirit, complete with hearty laughter throughout. Priced at $12 USD (or $9 for a print and play version), I can’t think of a better stocking stuffer to bring some collaborative joy to seasonal gatherings that, for many, are going to be smaller than previous years. Look for this game to show up in my Little Thumbs, Big Thumbs 2020 Gift Guide later this month!

Thank you for joining us for another week of games played on our tables. For more DWP discussion about great games, check out Kimblery T’s 5 Best-Themed Games Off the Beaten Path!


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