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Friday, April 12, 2024

What Have We Been Playing: August 13, 2020

by | published Thursday, August 13, 2020

Although it can be a bit burdensome for newcomers, offers a deep trove of statistics to explore. For instance, according to BGG, here are the top five most played games from last week (August 2nd to the 8th):

  1. The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (4987 recorded plays)
  2. Wingspan (1889 plays)
  3. Terraforming Mars (1690 plays)
  4. Gloomhaven (1617 plays)
  5. Marvel Champions: The Card Game (1595 plays)

Compared to the same week one year ago (August 4th to the 10th, 2019), it’s interesting to see which games have persisted in being played over and over again:

  1. Terraforming Mars (1733 plays)
  2. Azul (1653 plays)
  3. Wingspan (1592 plays)
  4. Gloomhaven (1532 plays)
  5. That’s Pretty Clever! (1163 plays)

How do these lists compare to what the DWP crew has been playing? Let’s take a look!

Steve T:

I got to play an in-person game of Star Wars Rebellion with someone in my bubble. It was a long and tense battle. I found the Rebel base with a small expeditionary force, but their ion cannons and shield generators repelled me. I focused the entire might of the Imperial war effort on getting the Deathstar to Hoth, and was poised to strike, when Rebel diplomats garnered enough support to render the destruction of Hoth irrelevant.

Matthew R:

Ever since VirtualGamingCon I have been playing Werewolf over Zoom moderated by The Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel, the latest few of those games have been posted on The Dice Tower’s YouTube channel. Through those games I’ve met some great people from all over the world. One of the most recent games had a few people from Europe waking/staying up to 3-5 a.m. to join the games. It has been incredibly fun finding a new group of people who now will never trust me again after I have successfully fooled them I was just a peaceful villager.

Jon-Paul D:

Looking at my own BG Stats, I only played Unmatched twice last week, but that doesn’t take into account the 8-10 playtests I’ve conducted for the Restoration Games design contest currently ongoing! Although participants can only submit two decks, I’ve tinkered with nearly a dozen, to the point that I’ve had to devote an upcoming DWP article to a list of off-the-wall deck ideas that I’ve tossed around, with varying degrees of success.

Billy C:

I have gotten back into playing through a campaign of Imperial Assault on Twitch, and it is one of my favourite quarantine game experiences. Chaotic, random, and challenging, playing games with audience participation is something I am new to, but something that is really enjoyable. The social puzzle-y aspect of games is what I love most about board games, and playing games online allows us to still enjoy the social aspect while distancing, and I think that is neat.

Interestingly, looking just beyond the top five most played games on BGG, there are several slightly older titles getting plenty of love – including 7 Wonders, Kingdomino, and Dominion. Perhaps that’s due to readily available online implementations of these modern classics, or a testament to their staying power in the hobby. 

What were your most played games from the past week? Our inquiring minds would love to know!


  • Jon-Paul D.

    Originally from London, Ontario and now based in Nova Scotia, Jon-Paul spent the bulk of his adult life training and working as a professional opera singer both in Canada, and around the world. However, while singing in the back roads of Indiana, JP was lured into a game of Catan, and everything changed! Now a full-blown board game addict, JP spends many an evening converting friends into gaming foes, all while leaving bread crumbs for his two young daughters to find along the way to the house of board gaming bonbons!

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