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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Lock-In Puzzle 2

by | published Wednesday, April 22, 2020

First things first! The answer to the first Lock-in Puzzle is: 3407299.

This is another puzzle lifted from GAMES Magazine; they used it plenty of times and I thought it could apply nicely to Tabletop games. 

The three games shown in every clue can be arranged into a particular order. Figuring out what that order is makes up the first challenge. Then choose a game from the pool of available choices that makes a logical choice to continue each series. There are seventeen games in the pool, but you’ll only be using ten of them; the other seven are red herrings. No game will be used twice, and in a few cases I have covered up information which would have given the game away, as it were. 

Once you’ve finished, the initial letters of your answers will, in order, spell out the first part of the solution to the puzzle, and the final letters of the games you didn’t use can be anagrammed to make a seven-letter word which is the other part of the solution. Put the two parts together to make the final answer. Answers will be posted in two weeks—along with a new puzzle!