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Monday, May 23, 2022

New Studio Gathers Local Talent

by | published Sunday, February 2, 2020

Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu are no strangers to working together on big projects. The two, have teamed up in the past on titles like Sagrada, Sinister Six, and Speakeasy Blues. For their new venture, they’re enlisting the help of some local talent.

Evergreen Studio add Eli Gingerich, who Andrews previously teamed with at Maple Games, and rising designer Adam Singer. The studio has been formed with a basis of mutual design philosophy and friendship.

Evergreen Studio will actually go beyond just designing games. With the talented team they have on board, they will be also looking to lend their consulting skills to new designers and publishing houses. Some of their services include agent services, commission design, rulebook editorial, art direction management, project management services, development and/or Kickstarter consulting.

They’re keeping their focus local for now, in an attempt to help develop the design community in their hometown of Waterloo Ontario. Based on the team they’ve already assembled, it is likely that you’ll be hearing about their projects around the world before too long.

Find more information on Evergreen Studios here.


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