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Endeavor: Age of Expansion Level 3 Buildings

by | published Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Note: Sean J. is a part of the Burnt Island Team and is able to bring a sneak preview of the upcoming Endeavor: Age of Expansion Kickstarter. We’ll be sharing a number of articles in the coming weeks examining this project. Art in these images is not final.

By now, our efforts for expansion are well and truly under way. Long ago, we lost site of friendly home ports, and we’re sailing on to our destinies. This really is the Age of Expansion. In our previous articles we got a chance to examine the Level 1 and 2 Buildings in Endeavor: Age of Expansion. Now we take a look at the third tier. 

As always we’ll examine what each building offers and supply you with some strategy tips with how to use them effectively in your games. 

The Factory

This may be the most straight forward of the new Buildings. It offers a single one -time boost for you on the Industry track, and what a boost! Like the Workshop from Age of Sail, the Factory doesn’t have any additional action spaces. However, unlike the two steps on the Industry track that the Workshop provides, the Factory gives you a whopping three advancements. It means that you may have one less space to send a worker on future turns, but it also can get you on to the power level 4 and 5 Buildings quicker. The Factory can helpful if you use it at the right time. If it’s going to advance you to a higher level, or even at the end of the game when it could earn you some extra points. It is definitely a strong strategy to consider.

The Foreign Office

This Building is a triple whammy. You get a track advancement when it’s built and it offers a powerful double move when activated. The Foreign Office pushes you up on the Culture track (must be all that canoodling with foreign dignitaries). Once activated, it gives you one Ship action and one Draw action. This combo can allow you to move into new regions and immediately Draw Asset cards. No Building in Age of Sail had such a synergized set of actions. There will definitely be a lot of attention paid to this new addition.

The Naval Academy

The Naval Academy introduces the concept of Conscription and Mobilization. During the Growth phase, any Building with an open Conscription space gains an extra worker. This is in addition to the workers you would normally get. At some point during the round, after you’ve taken an action, you can mobilize the worker on that Building to do the specific action depicted there. In the case of the Naval Academy, you get a worker during Growth and during the round you can use that worker to perform a Ship action. Conscription and Mobilization allows you to not only boost the population you’re getting each round, but also add bonus actions to a regular turn. This new concept is probably the most complex in Age of Expansion, but players will be able to pick it up in no time and start using it to their advantage.

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