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Monday, October 18, 2021

Holiday Contest Part Two

by | published Monday, December 10, 2018

This is Part Two of a Three-Part contest. if you missed the first part last week, check it out here.

Here at The Daily Worker Placement we believe the holiday season is for giving, spending time with family and friends–and wherever possible, playing board games with them.

In that spirit, we would like to give away an in-shrink copy of Welcome To… to one of our amazing and loyal readers. We thought of doing a raffle, but they’re a dime a dozen. Instead, in the spirit of Games Magazine back in the day, we’ve got a contest that we hope will appeal to the game-lover and puzzle-solver in you.

Below you will see the second of three photographs of bits from various games. Each component comes from a different game. Your first step is to identify which game each bit comes from. Then, take the first letter of the first word of each of the games and anagram them into a word.

For instance, if the games were from Endeavor: Age of Sail, the Voyages of Marco Polo, a Study in Emerald, and Arkham Horror, you would have E, V, S, and A. Note that we’ve skipped over “A” and “The” from games that begin with them. We could anagram those letters into “VASE” or “SAVE”–which one is right?

Well that’s the next step. The three answers from the three photos belong to a special board game set. The missing member of the group is the final answer to the contest. For instance, if the words were “wheat”, “wood”, “brick”, and “sheep”, the final answer would be ore (the fifth of the resources from Catan).

The final photo will be posted on December 17. You will have until 9:00 pm  Sunday, December 23rd to email your answer to We will draw randomly from the correct answers and announce the winner on the 24th–just in time for the holidays.

This week’s answer is two words.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Contest Part Two

  1. Kaiwen says:

    if a game name starts with a pronoun, does it count?


    A Game of Thrones -> first letter = A or G?

  2. K says:

    sorry I meant an article

  3. Kaiwen Zhang says:

    nm I just read the rules again

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