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Lost Legacy: The Starship

by | published Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Centuries ago a powerful Starship appeared in the skies with a bright flash of light before disintegrating and falling to the earth…or so the legend goes. Now it’s up to you to eliminate your opponents and be the first to find The Lost Legacy.

Lost Legacy is Seiji Kanai’s follow up to Love Letter. It plays in much the same way as the 2012 smash hit. Kanai and Hayato Kisaragi have designed a game set in the distant future where finding the remains of this destroyed ship will lead to victory.

Much like Love Letter the deck is composed of 16 cards. Each player starts with one card and draws one on their turn. They play one of the two cards and execute the actions involved. The goal is to eliminate the other players or be the first to locate where the Lost Legacy card is during the Investigation phase. LL plays 2-4 and lasts only about 15 minutes per round. If the deck runs out and there is more one player remaining, you begin the investigation. Starting with the lowest card players in turn get to make their guesses as to where the Lost Legacy is. Throughout the course of the game it might end up in a player’s hand or the face down ruins. The first player to find it’s location will win, if no one tracks it down then everyone loses.

The cards are ranked 1-8 with three Sneak Attack cards that have no value. The Lost Legacy is ranked number five and knowing the location of that card is key to victory. At the start of the game one card will be set aside to create The Ruins. Throughout the course of the game cards will be added to and exchanged with the Ruins. These cards are not out of the game and may hide the location of the missing Starship. The Shadow Thief, Swordsman and Assault  allow you to search another players hand for information or to eliminate them from the round. However, Sneak Attack cards lie in wait and can be deadly to those who discover them. Other cards such as the The General, Search or The Old Map will allow you to take a look at cards in the Ruins or the deck. The Sister of Fate is ranked number one and guesses first during the Investigation Phase. It can be very helpful if you get it at the right time, but if it’s discovered by another player you’re out of the round.

This futuristic world feels pretty old school. You’re playing with Old Maps and Swordsmen. Assaults are led by armour clad warriors that would look at home on a medieval battle field and The Sister of Fate card looks like an ancient mystic. Regardless it all works together well and creates the feel of an alien world struggling for power and survival.

Lost Legacy is pretty easy to recommend. If you enjoyed Love Letter for it’s compact size and fast playtime then you’ll definitely want to check out it’s spiritual successor Lost Legacy: The Starship!


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