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What Have We Been Playing?

by | published Thursday, March 18, 2021

We’re back for another check in with the DWP crew, gathering their gameplay experiences over the past week and sharing them with our lovely and amazing readers!


I spent the last several weeks playing my way through my second curse in The 7th Continent, An Offering to the Guardians. This exploration game makes me feel so many things. Over several sessions and 10+ hours, I get invested in my own success or failure, and to lose on the cusp of winning after so much time is both frustrating and exhilarating. The discoveries I get to make as I explore the island are intriguing and delightful, filling me with a child-like wonder as I explore. But I also lost after more than ten hours, so I’m pretty salty too. RIP Amelia Earhart. She was my faithful explorer.

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Played a couple of games of Flapjack Flipout, an excellent round of Star Wars Rebellion, and a disastrous game of Aliens: Another Day in the Corps. Total party kill. Flapjack Flipout is a dexterity game about cooking and flipping pancakes at a greasy spoon. The published edition isn’t available outside of the USA, but it is a print & play on the publisher’s website, It’s a light Dex game with speed & memory elements.

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If one game defined my time at Snakes & Lattes, it would be Banana Matcho. After not playing this marvelous game for 5+ years, it finally found its way back into my collection. It’s a bit surreal to introduce this game to my children – after all, it was a regular drinking game in my younger years, despite the intended audience clearly being children. Fortunately, it’s just as fun as I remembered, and even more delightful to see my little ones enjoying this squeaky banana game their own energetic way!

Thank you for joining us for another week of What Have We Been Playing!


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