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Friday, April 12, 2024

Piece of Pie! or 3.14Yummmm

by | published Sunday, March 14, 2021

My friends and I often like to play a quick warm up game to jump start our evening of fun. There are definitely some familiar favourites such as SushiGo, Point Salad or Dinosaur Tea Party, but recently we’ve discovered a new favourite, Piece of Pie! If you’re looking for a quick, cute and strategic game, I highly recommend this one, so look no further! Piece of Pie, published just last year by Blue Orange Games, offers a unique playing experience for folks of all ages and playing levels. It’s got everything one might look for in a warm up game and more. 

I first played Piece of Pie back in the summer. It instantly stuck out to me as a game that both adults and kids alike could enjoy. I played it 3 times the first day I got it because of how quick and simple it was! Shortly after first playing, I had to pack it away because I was moving. I remember sitting in my basement organizing all of my games into different piles as I packed them all away. I labelled boxes as follows; “rarely play”, “sometimes play”, “often play” and “always play”. I did this because I knew how long it would take me to finish unpacking in my new place. I play board games so often that I’d like to play certain games long before my unpacking was through. I packed Piece of Pie in the “always play” box. I’m pretty certain it was the day after I moved in when I found the box, unpacked it and played Piece of Pie with my friends instead of unpacking more! It quickly became our favourite warm up game. 

It averages at about 15 minutes per play, so it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a warm up game before diving into something a little heavier. Its clear and concise rulebook makes it easy to teach to eager adults or kids, who often have a limited attention span. Something else I appreciated from the getgo was how simple the components were, they are kept to basic cards and cardboard pie pieces, making it safe for kids at a young age. Players take turns drafting pie pieces from pies in the center of the table, slowly building up their own pies while keeping an eye on both the public and secret objective cards. There are a variety of objective cards too, which makes the game super replayable. Replayability is definitely something I always look for when I consider adding a game to my collection. Not only does it have a high replayability factor, but it’s honestly got a bit of crunch to it as well. There have been a few moments while playing where I’ve experienced a bit of Analysis Paralysis! There are so many little ways to make points, it’s hard to choose your piece of pie without second guessing yourself. It’s core rules are simple enough for young players to follow that it makes for a great, well balanced family game, satisfying both new and well seasoned players alike.

This tasty pastry strategy game leaves players hungry for more, wanting to play again and again. It will likely remain a favourite of mine for years to come!

To learn more about Piece of Pie and how to play watch the Teach N’ Play of this game here:


  • Milo M.

    Growing up playing the classics like Sorry!, Risk, and Balderdash, Milo always had a love for board games, but it was in high school that this casual pastime morphed into an obsession! After getting into some more modern games, Milo quickly fell in love with the hobby and hasn’t looked back since. They love getting involved in the community through volunteering their time to teach games at the local Boys and Girls Club and sometimes at events with Games on Board. Milo enjoys RPGs, painting miniatures and cooperative games mostly, but will play anything with the right people! They also have a couple of board game prototypes in the works…

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