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What Have We Been Playing?

by | published Thursday, January 14, 2021

The DWPeeps are back with another recap of our favourite gaming moments from the previous week! Unicorns and Deloreans abound in this set of play reports, so let’s jump into our time machine and flash back one week into the past…


I’ve been introduced to a great “horse” racing game: Unicorn Fever! I’m in love with the art design, pieces, and wild gameplay. The reason I know it works well is that we all wanted to take one more turn each round. To me, that is a sign you’ve got to make choices and plan your strategy well because you can’t do it all. And it’s just enough time to have fun without overstaying its welcome. Love it.

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My favourite game played last week was Back to the Future: Back in Time from Funko Games. The components are a bit of a mixed bag, with a super sweet Delorean mini and excellent custom dice, contrasted with disappointing character miniatures and flimsy player mats. Fortunately, any production shortcomings are more than made up for by making sure players are able to deeply bathe in the original film’s narrative. Personally, I think this might be my favourite Prospero Hall creation to date – every design choice feels like it prioritized quick turns with important choices, without taking anything away from the iconic story. If you enjoy the source material, and don’t mind a dash of chaos with your cooperative games, Back in Time is absolutely a game to seek out!


I’ve had my eye on CTRL for a while now, and thanks to Nicole selling off her copy, I got to play it. I love the concept of it, but unfortunately I feel the components aren’t up to the task of playing the game. They don’t snap into place with the firmness required to stay put for the duration of a game. We spent almost as much time reconstructing the cube as we did playing the game. ? Perhaps someone with a more delicate touch will enjoy the game more.

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I got to play a lot of news games this week including Tabletop Simulator games of Praga Caput Regni and Lost Ruins of Arnak. I enjoyed both of the plays, but I think I really wanted to physically play them and finished the games feeling a tiny bit dissatisfied. TTS usually makes me excited about games but this week I really wanted to touch some components!

To satisfy that, I learned and played a four player game of Q.E., an auction game where the currency is entirely made up. You can bid 5 or you can bid 500,000, with the only downside being that whoever is the highest bidder at the end of the game simply cannot win the game. It is fascinating.


I’ve been playing an online implementation of a classic card game called “NERTS!” which is speed solitaire for 3-6 players using communal a top-row. The game if free on Steam, developed by one of my favorite indie publishers, Zachtronics. They’d been playing the game in the office and built this version as a way to stay in touch during remote work. With a little extra polish (and a rocking theme song), they felt it would make a good offering for their fans, and I agree.


Thank you for joining us for another roundup of gameplay reports!


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