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Thursday, October 21, 2021

November Puzzle: Answers

by | published Friday, November 27, 2020

Click here to see last week’s puzzle again–or to try it one last time before peeking at the answers.

The key to answering last week’s puzzle lay in the lyrics to each of the songs on the list. Each one namechecks (totally by accident) a game designed by one of the designers.

So for example, Andreas Pelikan designed Witches Brew, a phrase contained in the lyrics to “Ready or Not” by the Fugees. Andreas Seyfarth designed San Juan, sung tauntingly in the lyrics to “America” in the musical West Side Story. And so forth.

How many did you find? The answers are below:

Andreas Pelikang) Ready or Not (Witches Brew)
Andreas Seyfartha) America (San Juan)
Dan Hallagani) Tea in the Sahara (Obsession)
Friedemann Friesec) Crocodile Rock (Friday)
Inka & Markus Brandk) The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Village)
Ludovic Roudy, Bruno Sautterm) Two Hearts (Just One)
Mac Gerdtsj) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Imperial
Marc Andrél) Town Cryer (Splendor)
Martin Wallaceb) Blitzkrieg Bop (Steam)
Michael Kieslinge) Proud Mary (Riverboat)
Prospero Hallh) Speak Now (Horrified)
Reiner Kniziaf) Put On (My City)
Uwe Rosenbergd) Once (Indian Summer)


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