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What Have We Been Playing: July 30, 2020

by | published Thursday, July 30, 2020

Here we are with another handful of memorable game plays from the past week! Let’s jump right into the ring …

Jon-Paul D:

After playing Container last time around, I crossed off another bucket list play a few days ago, when I had the chance to dive into Gale Force Nine’s reprint of the 1979 classic Dune! Parts of the game feel a lot like Cosmic Encounter, with the alliances and wacky player powers. I’m not entirely convinced that it lives up to the expectations I had going in, but I’d absolutely play it again.

David W:

I tried out a game of Hibernation playing against myself. It’s a deckbuilder where you play a bear trying to fatten yourself up for the long winter. It’s a very original take on deckbuilding. You start with no cards and 10 Energy. On your turn you can either rest up to get energy, buy a card, play a card from the top of your deck, or cash in accumulated food for a Hibernation Token. First player to 5 Tokens wins. I have to say, designer (and artist) Jesse Daniels certainly took an original approach. Looking forward to trying this out against a live opponent.

Steve T:

This weekend I got to play Ravensberger’s Jaws again. I picked it up at GenCon last year, and I love it. It isn’t the most balanced game, but it’s one I enjoy playing on either side, and I have fun whether I win or lose. I love the movie, and I love 1 vs Many games, so it’s no surprise that I love a game about a killer shark secretly swimming around an island full of two-legged lunches.

Jon-Paul D:

Everyone has their eyes on GenCon Online this weekend, and as such this article is a bit on the thin side. As a result, I’d like to mention one other game I tabled in the last week – Headlock, Paper, Scissors from WizKids! In this WWE-themed romp, players take on a variety of popular superstars, from modern favourites such as Kofi Kingston and Becky Lynch, to classic characters from a few years back like The Rock and Trish Stratus. Using the memorable Money in the Bank event as a backdrop, players are trying to climb a ladder to be the closest to the golden briefcase, using hand gestures at each other to move ahead, or pull opponents away from the prize. Based on the popular Rock, Paper, Wizard system from designers Sen-Foong Lim, Josh Cappel and Jay Cormier, this wrasslin’ romp is a quick and fun twist on the original game, with a theme that bodyslams its predecessor to the mat … at least in my opinion!

And those are the games we grappled with over the last week. What have you been playing? Let us know through your favourite social media soapbox!


  • Jon-Paul D.

    Originally from London, Ontario and now based in Nova Scotia, Jon-Paul spent the bulk of his adult life training and working as a professional opera singer both in Canada, and around the world. However, while singing in the back roads of Indiana, JP was lured into a game of Catan, and everything changed! Now a full-blown board game addict, JP spends many an evening converting friends into gaming foes, all while leaving bread crumbs for his two young daughters to find along the way to the house of board gaming bonbons!

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