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DWP Lock-in Puzzle #1

by | published Monday, April 6, 2020

Regular word searched are boring. So here’s one which adds a bit of a scavenger hunt element. The names of 23 Tabletop games are hidden in the grid below. You’ll probably find some of them without any help, but because I’m feeling nice today I’ve provided clues in the form of excerpts from each game’s rules. Not only that, but the answers to the clues (the game names) are in alphabetical order, which should theoretically help if you get stuck.

You’ll have to find all 23 hidden words to figure out the final answer to the puzzle, though. Happy hunting!


The game ends right after the Wall-tiling phase in which at least one player has completed at least one horizontal line of 5 consecutive tiles on her wall.
For one energy point a player can move a chip on his block sheet one column to the left or to the right (and thereby rotate the block). This is the only possible way to rotate blocks.
After placing the tile, you may place a meeple as a highwayman on one of that tile’s road segments, but only if the road is unoccupied by another highwayman.
After you peel the sticker off a building card to construct it, you’re left with a new type of card: a constructed building card. It is still an advancement card.
If 0 is the number, the usual limit on guesses does not apply. Field operatives can guess as many words as they want. They still must guess at least one word.
For each space with any open Casinos, the Syndicate transfers 2 Resources to the Controlling Faction (if any other than Syndicate; any over 49 are lost). If the “Santo” Insurgent Capability is in effect, any Underground Syndicate Guerrilla in a space prevents Skim there.
If a Coalition wins an election, then each party may place a Media Marker on the National Board (providing they had a Media Marker on the Regional Board). Each party may also place an Opinion Card from the Region Board on the National Board, starting with the Party that gained the greater number of votes.
At the end of your turn in which you have visited all of the Safe Houses, you may immediately choose one of the following bonuses: (a) Take an Extra Action disc, placing it in its proper space on your Player board. (b) Unlock an Asset tile and gain income.
Once all players have launched boats and hired captains, it is time to fish. Each boat with a captain, regardless of type, receives one crate of fish from the supply. 
The seven colored planet types must first be terraformed. Depending on how similar the habitat conditions of the planet are to your home planet, this process can take one, two, or three terraforming steps. Your faction board shows the required number of terraforming steps to make each planet type habitable to your faction.
The game box also includes a small sealed book titled “Town Records.” Players are directed to open this book once the first character retires, at which point they can begin reading the book from front to back.
Each token on the setup card represents a clue someone can give. When you give your first clue, take a red clue token.
Once a numbered card has been added to an expedition, further investment cards are not allowed for that expedition.
Every time you place a column on the last free base of a temple floor, you immediately interrupt the execution of your construction plan card. You must place a new temple floor.
If, the collected dice include at least one worm symbol and add up to the number of a visible barbecue worm helping, the player can take it
Take the first pile of 5 Continent tiles and spread these out across the centre of the table, face up. The first player chooses one tile from these 5 and adds this to a free space on their core. The other players then take turns doing the same, moving in a clockwise direction.
Each player in reverse turn order may elect to connect any number of additional cities to his network—including none—so long as he pays for the spots (if available) in the cities (costing the marked 10, 15 or 20 Elektros), and their connection costs.
To deploy a mech, pay the cost, choose any mech on your Faction Mat, and place that mech on a territory you control with at least one worker on it.
After Explore, slide all of the Invader Cards left: Move the Ravage Card to the discard, the Build Card to the Ravage Space, and the Explore Card to the Build Space, so that next turn they will Ravage where they Built this turn and Build where they Explored this turn.
At the end of their turn, each player checks the noble tiles in order to determine if they’re receiving a visit from one of them. A player can be visited if they have (at least) the quantity and type of bonuses indicated on the noble tile.
The player with the most points wins the game. If two or more players are tied for the most points, the player who has completed the most Destination Tickets wins. In the unlikely event that they are still tied, the player with the Longest Continuous Path card wins.
If a player can land the road safely on the ground level, this means an exit from the highway is created. The player can put one car as a bonus point on the exit road.
The game ends immediately with a win for Nixon as soon as Nixon places a fifth momentum token onto their momentum card or, in rare cases, if no momentum token is left in the supply to be placed on the research track during step 4 of the evaluation phase.


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    David is the Managing Editor of the DWP. He learned chess at the age of five and has been playing tabletop games ever since. His collection currently consists of about 600 games, which take up way too much space. His game "Odd Lots" won the inaugural TABS Game Design Contest in 2008. He is currently Managing Editor of The Daily Worker Placement. All in all he's pretty smug about his knowledge of games and game design.

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    3407299? Did I do the math right?

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    I get 3407398

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