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Friday, May 27, 2022

Holiday Contest 2

by | published Monday, December 2, 2019

It’s a crossword folks, just a plain ol’ crossword. Except… 

The grid below, when complete, will contain the surnames of many famous tabletop designers of today and yesterday. Each clue describes a game in a somewhat…twisted fashion. The answer to the clue is that game’s designer (if the game has more than one designer, you’ll have to figure out which one fits into the grid). When you’re done, the letters in the shaded squares can be anagrammed into the surname of one designer who should definitely be included in the list. The circled letters, read top to bottom, describe one of that designer’s classic games. The name of that game is the answer to the contest. 

Once you think you have the answer, send it in to

The Contest runs until December 31, 2019. We’ll announce a winner in 2020. Good Luck!

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One thought on “Holiday Contest 2

  1. Marco says:

    This is really tough. I have about a third of the names, but for the rest I’ll have to hit up game group members to see if they recognize any of what they have played.

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