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One Night Ultimate Alien

by | published Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Something mysterious and spooky from another galaxy is coming…for one night only. Aliens are on their way, looking to invade a small town, posing as simple townsfolk, but they’ve got more sinister ideas in mind.

For the past few years, Bezier Games has been publishing a line of perfect party games for gamers with some time to kill. One Night Ultimate Werewolf took the gaming world by storm when it was released. It used the simple rules of Werewolf and condensed them down to a quick, simple paranoia game played out over one round. Daybreak followed, then One Night Ultimate Vampire. Each introduced tweaks to the original game: players are secretly dealt a role card, everyone closes their eyes, night begins (directed by the app), once all the roles have been run through, night ends and the arguing begins. Before the timer runs out, everyone has to vote on someone to kill. Most votes gets offed!

If you haven’t played one of the One Night games, you definitely should! They are a heck of a lot of fun.

The latest addition is One Night Ultimate Alien. It is a complete stand-alone game, but as always, it can be combined with the other titles in the series, mixing and matching the roles for some interesting combinations.

It’s nice to see that although very cartoony, designers Ted Alspach and Akihisa Okuihave stuck with a (B Movie) horror theme. The Aliens look like something from Mars Attacks, there’s a Blob, and even a creepy Mortician.

One of the interesting new element with ONUA is the necessity of using the app. With previous iterations, you always had the choice of having an actual moderator run you through the steps of the night (although, why would you? The app is awesome and free). With ONUA some of the roles’ actions are randomly determined by the app, meaning that every time you play, you’ll have to come up with a new strategy in the middle of the night if you end up with one of those roles.

Speaking of roles, let’s take a look at some of the new ones.

The Aliens are a lot like Werewolves. They win if none of them have been killed the next morning. However it’s not just regular Aliens that players have to look out for. The Synthetic Alien is smart. So smart that he realizes that he can’t let his futuristic technology fall into the wrong hands. He’ll win if, and only if, he’s killed. There’s also Groob and Zerb. Two Aliens that have sworn a vendetta against one another. They win if they manage to ensure the other is killed (which means the Villager team wins, since an Alien has been killed). All of these Aliens wake up at the same time at night, but don’t know who is who, just that they’re all Aliens (Groob and Zerb will wake up again later in the night to identify each other).

The Blob is told by the app how many adjacent players have become a part of it. It has to keep those players alive as well as itself if it wants to win the game.

The Exposer wakes up and the app tells him how many of the middle cards they have to flip and leave flipped. They must flip all of those cards or none at all.

The Mortician is both lazy and poor. He wakes up and the app informs him to look at zero, one, or both of his neighbours. He wants one of those two people dead and will win if they are killed the next morning.

My personal favourite is the Cow. She puts out her fist when the Aliens are awake and if one of them are adjacent to her, they must tap her fist. Thus tipping her…tipping the cow.

I won’t go through the entire list of new roles, there are 12 different ones, allowing for ONUA is a great addition to an already excellent series of games. I can recommend to fans of the previous games for sure, but even if you haven’t played one of them in the past you’ll have a lot of fun with latest.


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