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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Origins Before Origins

by | published Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When you work in the board game industry, you tend to see a lot of the behind the scenes of what goes on. At conventions there is an energy, a buzz, as huge crowds of people go from booth to booth seeing all of the latest and greatest titles. Fans get to meet the designers they love, pick up new titles, and play games with new and old friends.

Before the doors open, there is a quiet emptiness. Publishers, media, and staff show up early to fill massive open spaces with products that will (hopefully) take people away from their problems for a few hours. Slowly, but surely small cities are formed in the convention halls, and the stage is set for a weekend of fun and gaming.

At Origins 2017, we got in a bit early and managed to capture some of that calm before the storm. The doors to the Greater Columbus Convention Hall open to the public today, but here’s what it looked like yesterday.

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